I come from a small town in the urban jungle of Saigon, Vietnam. Flying half way accross the world to follow my passion of creating animation is an adventure that I’m still enjoying to this day. To be learning from the best professors and working alongside the talented peers who share the same love for storytelling at Savannah College of Art and Design is something I will treasure forever.

   Growing up, I did not get a lot of exposure to Western animation, but the ocassional animation blockbuster fueled my dream to create. I always doodled to entertain my classmates, telling stories about the character I conjured up and then trying to wrap the ending in my head so I can move on to the next creation. Meanwhile, I did not conceive that animation is an occupation that I could follow until highschool. Since then, I know what my true calling is.

   During my time at SCAD, I have the pleasure to direct two collaborative projects, working in SCAD Animation Studio and helping with various Capstone projects. Beside horning my character animation skill, I pick up a substantial amount of technical knowledge that allows me to contribute as a generalist. I love seeing people eyes light up when their animation get a dash of technical love. I’m familiar with character animation, 3D sculpting, lighting, rendering, compositing and the software associate with it. 

   In my free time, I sketch, play video games and watch movies. You can find me via the links below!


The wind is rising, we must try to live


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