The animation is an assignment for my animation history class. We are to create a snip bit of animation for every week of class, and then combine them together with editing. They don't have to be related in theme. 
I tried to keep mine as simple as possible just to experiment with how much I can do with editing. So for the first week I created the introduction of the video, after that, I created 1 second loop every week. I loop consist of character in the theme of devious dancing in the same motion.   
The original music was taken from a Youtube video:
A loop is done in one hour, I think the final product was silly enough that it worked. I should have put more effort in the animation and come up with some variation because I can feel the drag in the middle of the video. However, now 
I know this is the minimum quality bar of looping animations.
The backgrounds were medieval images combine with paint texture and filter. The background were necessary to add both visual interest and texture to the final product.
In conclusion, this was a short but interesting project. I should have done more in term of animation. However, I prove how much the animation can be enhanced if other elements are complementing it.