This project goal is to pay tribute to a studio that I find interesting in any way. I think UPA is a good choice because how fascinating their story was. Furthermore, their animation style is completely in contradiction with Disney Studio at the time which is really cool.
The challenge for this project was the time frame. I have roughly one week to complete it, so I tried to scale back all of my idea to make them doable with acceptable quality. Looking back, it was quite fitting with the spirit of the company I am paying tribute to.  
UPA stand for United Production of America ( and there is a really good series of video on Youtube about them
The style of this animation is heavily influenced by Gerald McBoing-Boing which is one of the most successful animations by UPA. This style was born out of necessity by UPA and it helped me save a lot of time by just doing what is essential to keep to story moving. 
There are parts I wish I have more time to add in a little more to make everything less heavy. I should carefully evaluate the time and work need for every animations in the future.
The time I spent getting to know the philosophy behind UPA animation was worth it. I learnt many new alternative methods for animation that I thinks will be helpful in later projects. There are many innovators out there that we don't know, I'm glad to see that the landscape of animation is opening up to allow for a wider range of content.