Compassion Fr



“Compassion Fruit” is the second project I have the chance to lead. From pitching to rendering, the process is an exciting rollercoaster that I’ve learnt alot from.
 Since I have a better understand of the technical aspect since I first directed, I have a better vision of what is doable with 5 people and 1 quarter that we had to create a complete product. I tried to cordinate between my peer to the best of my ability to keep the pipeline running smoothly without too much compromising on the quality of the animation.

The pitch is simple and easy to understand. I think for such extreme time constrain, I have to make the story unfold in the simplest way without it being too boring. I arrives at a childlike concept with a good moral.


This pitch was chosen through a voting in class. My next step was to expand upon these panel into detail perspective and camera movement. I kept the stroke loose to save time so we can quickly move to production.

After the team finalize how this story gonna progress, we layout the panel in a timeline to see how long the final video will be. Mean while, I assigned idle team member on concept of the character. Based on the initial test, I decided to call them Red and Blue.

I learnt a whole lot through this experience and it spark another passion in me for the technical aspect of animation. I eventually see these elements as part of the animation creating process. To create a complete product, I strive to know every stage of the process. This make me an effective communicator for the team because I understand what go into creating a finish asset.

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